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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Got to Scrotogrande

We are in Scroteville. First day on the road involved 25 hours straight of driving. We couldn`t stand the thought of camping and then waking up only to realise we were still in the land of onions (france). Hopefully leave for africa ca ca ca tomorrow. The rest of the group are excellent and we are all having a great time (even though pete has a fuscing great hemaroid!). Car holding up well so far, the hovercoils haven`t let us down even though we have been off the grid for a few chunks over the pyranees. Spanish drivers are mental. We saw a bus scrape the central reservation barriers for stability while hacking it round a corner in the pyranees last night, the sparks flew! Hope everyone back home is well, and remember, dont drive off the grid too long. Will update from africa ca ca ca when we encounter a weakly protected wireless access point.


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